If you have decided to construct a new home then we can help. At Collaborate our designers don't just create house plans we design you a home. A home that really does consider all your desires, your lifestyle and your budget.


We design a lifestyle concept based on the information you provide us. These initial concepts includes the look, shape and feel of the house, inside and out. 

We believe great homes are created from a collaborative design from the very outset. 

Like wise a great landscape design created once the building is completed will never be as successful as one that is considered an essential part of the design and as such completed with the house plans.

The same is true for interior design. Only house designs that consider the architecture, interior design and landscape design from the very outset can be truly successful. The 3 facets of home design should be as one. Now they can be with Collaborate!

Collaboration between skills results in a more considered, refined and successful design.

Architecture, Interior Design and Landscape Design are so integrally linked in creating a successful home that they should be considered as one. 

When considered as separate elements of your home design they exclude the importance each element brings to bear on the final design.

The results of a collaborative approach speak for themselves. 

We draw our inspiration from great minds like Frank Lloyd Wright - the Godfather of modern American architecture who once said,

"The good building is not one that hurts the landscape, but one which makes the landscape more beautiful than it was before the building was built". Frank Lloyd wright.

COLLABORATE is a trading name of Northridge Landscape Design LTD.

The Collaborate Design Studio is located at: 213 Ben Morven Road, RD2, Blenheim. 7272. NEW ZEALAND.

Call Christo on 0274838722 or Jenny on 0212025816.   jenny@collaborate.nz   Visits by appointment only please.  

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