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banksia place

Our clients had recently purchased a new home and the best way to describe it was very grey and lacking warmth.  The entrance way was unwelcoming and dim and the living space was huge with no definition between the living kitchen and dining. We were asked to give it a makeover and well what a transformation. 


A wall was knocked out creating a lovely welcoming entrance way with a slatted ply wall divider and new timber flooring was laid. In the living area new wool carpet was laid adding warmth and texture. Definition between the living kitchen/dining was created by continuing the wooden flooring used in the entrance way. The once huge living space was made snug and usable with the addition of a plywood window seat with built in shelving on either side and which is utilized daily by the clients and is now their favourite spot. A built in shelving unit was added near the fireplace, creating more storage space.


The addition of wooden pendant lights over the kitchen island added much needed texture and warmth and new recessed downlights were added throughout.

The grey curtains were removed and replaced with a linen look neutral fabric and the walls were painted in a warm white. The home now resonates warmth and light and feels like a completely different space than the one we first walked through. 

Entrance Way After 

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