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BHUDEVI Estate - Blenheim, MArlborough.

Set amongst the sprawling vineyards in rural Marlborough this was a project of note. The house was built by previous owners and the gardens were not proportional in scale or budget spent compared to the main residence. The residence required anchoring to the earth that spawned it.

In our capacity as landscape designers we were given a blank canvas and a realistic budget. This is a designers ideal property as it truly allows for the creative juices to flow and the results are truly exceptional as a result of the generosity and vision of the owners.

The gardens account for 0.8 of 6.8 hectares of this property. Apart from the house the rest is organic vineyard which added another unusual spin to the project!

A large native garden along side a widened and deepened spring fed creek is the centre piece of the garden. Additional formal gardens adjacent to the house are found. At all times the plants and planting plants either contrast or compliment the architecture of the house - this is one of our key design rules.

The native gardens are structured but have wonderful natural native feel to them and the formal gardens are a series of outdoor rooms that can be enjoyed in any wind. This garden is open to the public as part of Garden Marlborough and there have been articles on it and one such article is in New Zealand Gardener, February 2013 issue.

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