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Set back from the road this newly constructed architectural residence comprises concrete columns that lift the flat roof up and over the decking. With north facing views over the vineyards beyond this beautifully crafted home needed sit on top of its recent building site.

With sympathy for its setting in mind we designed a landscape that allowed the house to sink back into the hill, minimising its impact on the land and softening the house by merging it with the wider landscape.

The extensive use of Poa cita (Silver Tussock) was the key plant in sticking to the brief. It is found naturally on the hills around the house and would still be the most common tussock in the dry hills catchments today. To capture a contrast we designed two small round lawns that act as openings in the tussock lands just like they do on the hills beyond but with a little more definition here.

Once again it was imperative for the landscape to help blend the bold modern architecture into the wider environment.

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