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The Evolution of Design

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Designing your home, interiors and landscapes is not a flash in the plan, one solution for all clients. All our designs are bespoke and customised specifically for you.

Your design evolves from initial sketches to final working drawings and hopefully a model which is an artwork in itself.

Your design evolves from simple concepts and material lists to the finished product - here is a beautiful bathroom that started off as an idea that developed into a lavish much loved space.

Clients don't see the amount of work that goes into each project. The creativity behind this design is epic. I just love the full wall mirrors that double the feeling space, turning it from a large bathroom into one fit for a royal.

Simplicity still rules - crisp clean lines dominate the open plan space but these are softened by tangible trinkets such as the wooden vases in the corner, the glass planter with tropical plant, small wooden bins on the floor and a Balinese chest visible in the reflection.

Note the design of the rain shower heads that cascade down onto the marine inspired wooden strips covering the drain. Dimmable downlights can create mood lighting and the vanishing sliding doors that open to the garden.

Also note the bench top is white and thick housing the his and hers basins but then the detail of the thinner 50mm oak shelf layered with towels like an upmarket hotel.

If you need any help in designing your house, home, garden or lifestyle then do get in touch with Collaborate. Call Jenny on 0212025816 or Christo on 0274838722 or email us on

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