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Collaborate - where interior designers and landscape designers work together for better results!

Welcome to our blog! Our blog is to help you understand the design process, get inspiration for your project and to enjoy our ideas.

Great design starts here! There are so many individual elements in a home that need to be considered in order to successfully create a great space, that is utilised to its full capacity on a daily basis. Your home is your largest private investment and for a small additional cost you can have it designed so it is many times better for you, (often the cost of a designer will be offset by the savings they can offer you through their purchasing power).

In this image of a contemporary home high on a Marlborough hill the views take centre stage. But if you look more closely you will see that the outside world is right on their door step. The deck is level with the concrete floor. This single floor level is a critical design element that helps to create a seem less transition from inside to out.

Also notice the large concrete kitchen bench top that is finished in the same style as the flooring. This then links the kitchen to the outside via a continuity of materials. This large 1.1 x 4m bench top is complimented by the large multi-function kitchen tap - anything smaller and it would not be in proportion.

Proportion is crucial to a successful design. Whether designing an interior or external space proportion is a basic design element that can never be overlooked. Great design is based on a number of principles. Be that interior design, architecture, landscape design, graphic design, yacht design - any design discipline is based on fundamental rules.

What are our fundamental design rules that we adhere to?

Proportion, Balance, Position, Continuity, Placement, Budget, Sustainability and Relativity.

There are other lesser rules we work by but these are the most important. We'll elaborate on these principles, what they mean to us and how we work with them in later posts but its important to realise that designers should be working according to their design principles every time they put pencil to paper.

So what is it we do? At Collaborate we design home interiors and home landscapes. We can either design both for you together collaboratively or either one on their own. If you need a landscape design only that's fine. We'll work with your existing property to create a great external environment specifically for you.

Here is an example of a Landscape Design for an existing Marlborough home. We start with a Title Page, then a Site Plan, A Concept Landscape Plan, Then detailed pages of key areas of interest such as courtyards, house environs, structures and the like. We can include elevations of key areas as shown and also a mood boards to help the client visualise our ideas.

Over the 10+ years we have been professionally designing we have worked on all types of properties from baches and town houses to mansions and wineries - if you have a design problem - we have the solution! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Christo can be reached at or 0274838722 and Jenny can be reached at or 0212025816

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