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The Blueprints

At Collaborate we design from the ground up - quite literally! Whether you come to us with some no idea except that you want to build a new home or whether you have done lots of research and just need a professional, experienced sounding board to project manage your new build or renovation then we are here to help. #drawingboard

There are many ways to present our ideas to you but they all start on the drawing board. It is here that we brain storm your design requirements. We gather all our designers to throw ideas to the wind - some stick and others don't but the good news is that more brains are better than one.

We quickly sort the chaff and get designing your concepts. Always reflecting on your brief as we go so that we are always efficiently on track.#collaborate

If we have any questions during the creation of the concept designs we will wither call you or email you for any additional information.

We create sketches for interior and exterior and then progress to CAD (Computer Aided Design) on the PC. This gives us an accurate scale drawing from which we base all our ongoing designs. It is simple to chop and change elements within CAD and we can print multiple versions and details on various scales to suit the need.

From the plans we create elevations and 3D renders that help you visualise our ideas and help us demonstrate them to you. The more information we can provide the more you'll understand how your home or garden will look.

We also create mood boards that we present in conjunction with these plans which are an ideal visual medium for you to see all the different elements together. These show matching materials, furniture, tiles, linens, carpets, curtains lights and all the elements that will make up your rooms.

The more detail we add the longer it will take but it is well worth the investment in getting a full home and garden design package.

One great way to get a full understanding of your new home and garden is to get an architectural model which is shown below. We can add most details so you can get a true scale understanding of your project. These are priced separately but again they are a worthwhile investment and a fun addition to your sitting room.

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