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Interview With The Designer

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

This blog a quick one on one with Jenny our Principal Interior Designer so you can get to know her better.

Jenny is a qualified Interior Designer but also she is a busy mum of 3 kids all at Fairhall School. Jenny's family have been farming in Marlborough for over 100 years and she still lives on the farm with her Mum, her siblings and 9 kids! Jenny is a Marlborough girl through and through and is passionate about great design - making Marlborough better looking every day!

Q: What is your favourite design style and why?

A: I love all styles as long as it is well designed. I'm particularly fond of traditional French Country, 20th Century Scandinavian and Modern New Zealand design. My favourite though is Contemporary Elegance because it is modern yet elegant based on sound design principles of crisp clean lines with a depth of softness to suit the client, architecture and location. Practical and functional yet warm and endearing. #Contemporaryelegance #Jennysaggers #Collaborate

Q: What is the benefit of collaborating interior design and landscape design?

A: The way I see it is that the house and garden make your home. In NYC or London homes can exist without gardens but not here in sunny Marlborough where the lifestyle is second to none. Designing the interior and exterior at the same time creates a single entity - home. We find that most houses are built with scant regard to the interior design or landscape design until they are nearing completion. This is too late in the piece to achieve the best results possible. The best results are obtained when a new home is designed as a home and not a house and a garden.

Q: I see that you use bold often monochromatic colours in your paint schemes. Why?

A: My style is based on simple elegance where the architecture can shine in its own right. Often gardens and interiors can be described in a similar way - for example a kaleidoscope of colour but in both cases this would be poor design as it would be overwhelming to live in. It might be great to experience but I don't want to live on a rollercoaster - do you? Simple elegant paint schemes can be dressed up with details such as furniture, rugs, lamps, art, throws and indoor plants that get to shine against a mellow backdrop. A home should be relaxing and calming not a theme park.

If you need any help in designing your house, home, garden or lifestyle then do get in touch with Collaborate. Call Jenny on 0212025816 or Christo on 0274838722 or email us on

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