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It's a "Karaka!"

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Hi guys! We are super proud to add a new job to our portfolio. Our friends at Karaka Cuisine have great taste. They are super good at all they do and what they do is food. They just make the most delicious cafe food, large scale catering meals and I did mention the coffee!

We were engaged to redesign the newly acquired premises - lets be fair they weren't too shabby, but the new owners at Karaka wanted a new look that would let their clients know they had arrived and were here to stay.

Riverlands is alive with good food and that good taste does not stop at the plate - our interior and landscape design concepts are another example of great taste. Crisp, clean and practical - just what every commercial kitchen should be - but also vibrant, warm and enticing - just like the food should be!

It's amazing what you can do with some vision. The clients need to trust the designer's eye to deliver the result through their creative process - its a beautiful thing when good designers are given free reign to allow their minds to fully foresee what a space could be. Here was an example of that.

Our readers should be aware that if you are renovating a property, residential or commercial, you need allow time for thought - do not rush in. Seek some advice and if your gut feeling is spot on then go for it. A qualified and experienced designer will in a few hours deliver massive amounts of information for you to consider and contemplate prior to embarking on your project.

Our main role here was as colour consultants - colour is obviously an important part of interior design.

Choosing colours is often tricky as each brand has so many options. Ok so you have chosen the primary colour but which accent colours will work best with it? What shade, tone or hue is the best for those accent colours. Colour is a deep, deep subject! Don't get blinded by the options - keep it simple by working with what you like, what suits your architecture and your furniture or art.

Watch this space for some visuals on the exterior of the cafe - just wait until the ground softens and sucks in some of that moisture that must surely fall from above - until it does the landscaping of the cafe will just have to wait!

Sleek yet simple, bold yet soft the warmth a black wall can add to a space is surprising. Be bold!
Karaka Cuisine Cafe in Riverlands

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