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We are potty about pots!!

At Collaborate we just love pots and plants! They are an essential part of every home inside and out. After fielding numerous enquiries from people wanting stylish contemporary pots for inside and out we took it upon ourselves to start supplying the good folk of Blenheim with just that. We have just had our first shipment arrive and we love them!! The pots are incredibly lightweight so easy to manoeuvre, they are also handmade. They are frost resistant so perfect for either outside or in.

In our glass house we are currently propagating a variety of indoor plants. We can supply the plants ready for your

Collaborate Palm Pots with a selection of indoor plants

home in one of our beautiful pots with quality potting mix, slow release fertiliser and perhaps best of all simple care instructions.

We offer a 'pick N mix' style where you can choose your plant and your pot and we will prepare and deliver them to your home. Once there we can provide advice on where to place them for maximum impact.

Indoor plants are an economical way to add colour and texture to your home, they also have numerous health benefits.

See the difference indoor plants and a beautiful pot make to your home, give us a call and let us help!

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